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Meditation & Self-Healing

download the app UChakra
download the app UChakra
Anytime & Anywhere UChakra Journey is there.
UChakra Journey | meditation app

the journey to your true self

The Chakras are a complex and ancient energy system, originated in the spiritual, Indian Veda scripts, dating back to about 1500 BC.

Chakra (Sanskrit) literally means wheel.

Energies are considered moving in a spiral movement through the body.

The main 7 centers, the Chakras, move along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head and above.

The Chakras move the energies in your body, mind and spirit. In the right balance, you will feel healthy and happy.

But, if one or more of your chakras are not in line, your emotional and physical well-being will be influenced.


By using the  UChakra  meditations regularly you will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

And with this inner power, you will live a healthier and more harmonious life.

Each of the seven main chakras is located in a specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head.

Anytime & Anywhere UChakra Journey is there.
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
UChakra Journey | meditation app
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Anette Halfon CEO and Founder UChakra Journey meditation app and VR
UChakra Journey | meditation app

Our goal is to assist you to gain inner peace, strength, health and a positive attitude.

With the guidance of  UChakra  you will experience the inner journey through your 7 Chakras, the energy centers of your body, learn, balance and strengthen each Chakra and your emotional well-being in the process.

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At A.M.FullonMind we see meditation as a unique tool to bring balance into one’s health and emotions, coming from ancient history and proven effective by modern science. Many studies have shown that our UChakra meditations can definitely influence your physical and mental well-being.


The effect of the meditations can be experienced as reduced stress, better sleep, more focus, easier self-expression, improved overall health, and much more.

Our UChakra meditations as a mobile App are life changing already!

And the VR will be mind-blowing!


Our global UChakra mission is to create a positive change all over the world.

Through the powerful influence of the Chakras on our body
and soul, we empower each one personally and as such all humanity
to transform and achieve true health and emotional fulfillment.

We created this community for you to share your experience with your UChakra journey with all the other amazing friends on their life’s

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"Start your journey to your inner self, to your peace of mind, your personal power and happiness!"

Anette Halfon

UChakra Journey | meditation app
Meir Cohen | Co Founder & CMO UChakra App and VR

Co Founder & CMO


Professional Consultant


Professional Consultant

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 UChakra Journey | Meditation App and VR
 UChakra Journey App and VR

"This app is just what I needed! It really helped me relax in these stressful times and clear my head from all the thoughts!"

Jessica Shor

"An amazing app! really recommended!

Thank you so much for a good sleep! and great positive vibes!


Adaya H.

"These meditations are very personal and really touched me.

I love to sleep with the affirmations.

Great app!"

Andre Smith

"This is totally different from other meditation apps. Very simple and loving.

I love it!""

Suzanne Levis

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