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At A.M.FullonMind we see meditation as a unique tool to bring balance into one’s health and emotions, coming from ancient history and proven effective by modern science. Many studies have shown that our UChakra meditations can definitely influence your physical and mental well-being. The effect of the meditations can be experienced as reduced stress, better sleep, more focus, easier self-expression, improved overall health and much more.

Our UChakra meditations as a mobile App are life changing already!

Now imagine, how powerful the effect of our meditations will be in Virtual Reality!













Virtual Reality (VR) is being researched for over two decades already and has proven its beneficial health efficacy. It is an amazing and powerful tool for the healing of mental & behavioral problems.

Many studies have shown that Virtual Reality can create the same feelings and reactions, physically and mentally, as in a real-world situation. For example, climbing a virtual mountain will make you feel the same way as you would feel climbing a real mountain!

‍Virtual Reality based treatments for mental issues are proven to be more efficient and more effective than some traditional methods or therapies.

UChakra VR will be a virtual reality meditation app,
where you can recharge, heal and personally grow in exotic locations your choice across the world as if you were there!

Meditation is, to have a healing break from the busy everyday life. Now in virtual reality, either with a cardboard or a headset, you can immerse into a perfect inner world of your own, you can step away from the stress of reality to a healing and supporting environment. UChakra VR will let you experience a 360-degree world of positivity, love and support.


Enjoying our UChakra mobile app or UChakra VR, you will not be alone anymore. You will be part of our international loving and caring family of UChakra Global Community, where you will find friends who share the same passions or problems you have, where you can find support and advice, guidance and genuine empathy.

We are building a network of loving and caring people with classes, seminaries, retreats and events for you, online and globally.

We will be a strong international force of positivity and mindfulness:

we, the  UChakra  global community ! 

Uchakra Journey - meditation app and VR
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