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Our global UChakra mission is to create a positive change all over the world. Through the powerful influence of the Chakras on our body and soul, we empower each one personally and as such all humanity to transform and achieve true health and emotional fulfillment.


The Chakras belong to the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Indian Vedas, that empower us to balance our health and our mind, to improve our lives, to discover our purpose, and achieve the lasting emotional balance and happiness we are meant to receive.


We created this community for you to share your experience with your UChakra  journey with all the other amazing friends on their life’s journey.


The ancient spiritual wisdom of the Chakra system teaches the individual and the world as a whole how we can improve our feelings, emotions and our lives. We believe at the core of the world’s great spiritual traditions are personal truth and balance.

Our goal at the UChakra  global community is to disseminate this wisdom as widely as possible to improve the health of our body and mind of our individual lives, but also the collective and the world.


For centuries, the healing knowledge of the Chakras was available only in the Indian Veda heritage. Only lately this important knowledge became commonly known with the New Age wave, Yoga, Reiki and many more alternative practices and therapy methods.

Together, Anette Halfon and her team sought to make the healing wisdom of the Chakras accessible to everyone, regardless of race, gender or religious belief to enjoy personal growth and health.


The UChakra global Community serves all seeking emotional balance with a place to communicate with each other online and in person, and a way to apply the healing tools of      UChakra through information, events and classes. Our mission is to share UChakra’s life-changing wisdom and meditations with as many people in the world as possible.

We bring spirituality and healing for the modern world.

We believe that at the core of these spiritual meditations are healing and fulfillment that can enhance any individual’s realistic and spiritual life and bring a new depth of healing to body and mind.

You are not alone on your life’s journey.


Uchakra Journey - meditation app and VR

The Energies in March 2022

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